About us

Humans of the Balkans is inspired by the project “Humans of New York” which celebrates cultural diversities of the famous American city. Balkan is very similar as it is full of diversities! There are people of different creeds, social-economic backgrounds, and of course different interests. With so much diversity, it is just surprising how much we are alike, too!

We want to celebrate our diversity, be proud of who we are, but also respect others, all the time having in mind the deep connection that exist between us.

Basic idea is very simple: we are building a common online space for the so called “little” people and their stories. After all, is it not more humane than any media generalization we have all witnessed? This website is should be a place that collects and displays stories from all over Balkan. One of our goals is to find enough local support to make all the stories multilingual and accessible in all the Balkan’s native languages. Hopefully, HOB will also grow up to become a place for a mature and democratic dialogue about all the different topics that may be raised in the stories.

In front of the entire Humans of the Balkan’s team, we offer a warm, friendly and typical Balkan welcome to every visitor, reader and writer whose stories shine better light on the word Balkan.