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Serbia · 16/04/2018

I quite accidentally entered journalism. An old acquaintance of mine told me that because of a great diction, every medium would have me. I did not take him seriously, but at that moment when I finished high school, a new television opened. I applied more...

Serbia · 16/04/2018

My father is from Mostar, but the circumstances never allowed me to visit Bosnia until the night of the 2018 New Year’s Eve. I came to Sarajevo and I can say that I was completely thrilled – not only because of the celebration that was...

Macedonia (FYROM) · 16/04/2018

At the age of 18, I realized that I wanted to become an actor and that I could see myself on the theater scene. Today I’m fourth year at the Drama School, I’m studying theater directing. I had the opportunity to visit Serbia – Niš...

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