Crystal Jenkins – Podgorica

HOB Serbian office Montenegro 01/03/2018

I met Luka Anđić in America actually. When we met we didn’t understand each other at all, because we were from different countries, we had different cultures and different minds. So we had to disconnect for some time, but very soon we reconnected and that’s how everything started. I really think that our relationship is more like spirital connection, and I am pretty sure I found my soulmate.

I came to Montenegro a year ago, in March I think. Together with Luka, we were planning to start a business, so we opened Crystal Wellness, which purpose is to offer special consultations and to introduce Indian medicine to people in Montenegro. We want the humanity to be aware of natural healing through food.

I must say that people here in Montenegro are very different from people in America. They have great souls, but I think it’s hard for them to open up to people. That’s why yoga meditation is perfect for them. Since I’ve come here, people in Podgorica accepted me very good – I really think that’s because of my energy, that’s different. That’s why many people love me, and I love them. I really do.