Djemal Halibasic – Sarajevo

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/04/2018

My occupation is a brazier. I have one part of the shop with silver, and besides that, I also own a craft coffee shop with my brother, which is known as one the high quality store for production of coffee in the Balkans.

Our father was also a craftsman, a tailor, though, and it was expected from me and my brother, that if we do not find ourselves in that craft, we find one which is suitable for us. So in 1996 we opened these shops and until today we still work together and we are doing fine.

Since our shops are in the legendary Baščaršija, we often meet people from the surrounding countries and exchange opinions on different topics. These are mostly people from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Although the borders are dividing us today, we always have a nice talk because there are so many things that connect us. We mostly touch on the subject of war, which, is unfortunately inevitable and conclude what everyone knows deep inside- that we never needed the war.