Dusan Vukic – Erdevik

HOB Serbian office Serbia 15/02/2018

I am Dusan Vukić, I was born in Erdevik in 1960 as a twelfth child in the family. My family came to Erdevik in 1958 from Biovica Village in Croatia. I grew up in a multinational environment. Apart from Serbs also Slovaks, Croats, Bunjevci, Hungarians, Russians, Germans, Czechs live in the village, and there are Polish who live in two houses. I’m married to a Serbian woman from Srem. Before privatization, I worked in PP Erdevik, and I am currently unemployed. Erdevik is a dying village in both economic and ethnic sense. Someone should consider its extraordinary potential, like the villages on the slopes of Fruška Gora, where the conditions for growing the vines are the most favorable. Today, unfortunately, every third house in Erdevik is empty. According to the census there are 2,700 people, and in reality there are close to 2,000. In Ilok, about 9 km from Erdevik, there was a war, while nothing was happening here. Although a multinational environment, it has always been peaceful and quiet. Even from the center of the village, we watched the planes that flew over and hit the bridge “25 May”. I have never felt like a Croat in Serbia, because I am a Serbian. My people did not come during “The Storm”, they came for economic reasons. During the war nobody moved from Erdevik, just a few families, but not from national, but exclusively for economic reasons. Today, unfortunately, 50% of youth go to Slovakia to work because of the
crisis. The economy began to go down during the nineties and culminated in the war years. I go to Croatia now and I have no problems with them. There are people who have identical problems like us in Serbia.