Dzeman Sabeta – Sarajevo

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/04/2018

I am into natural medicine. I help many people, because when a man has everlasting life, he has a medication. As for my work, there are medications for various problems: from thyroid glands, bacteria, women who have problems with the uterus.

From the age of seven I started to deliver newspapers from apartment to apartment. I was not embarrassed to do anything. I was a manager first. The whole Yugoslavia, everyone came to me. I brought famous singers to a cafe that was once called “Trica”. From Mile Kitić to Šaban Šaulić. Owners of taverns prayed me if there is someone available, that is free to sing and then I pass him on.

In the beginning, I ignored medicine because of my other abilities, but misfortune made me start this business. By helping others, I also help myself. After 16 and half years of marriage, I got a baby too. Now I have two children. They graduated in languages, informatics. Now they’re working in London. So I’ve been in this for around 40 years. I am good at this and a lot of people have confidence in me. I had a variety of tests here. People come from Europe to check my products. I have no idea who they are. They ask me for something, I show them. They pull out the plumb and check everything. If the plumb is working, then the medication is valid. People from European Union came to me after that.

We Bosnians, Herzegovinians are hospitable, so we are glad when the foreigners arrive, when they ask for an address, when they are looking for a hotel, we are here at the service to help them and to satisfy them. Since 1996, foreigners have come to me from various European countries and across “swamp” from America, Canada, and Australia. I have clients from Sarajevo to Australia who did not have children, but these herbal medicines helped them. People come from abroad and buy for their families.

Illness does not have religion! There was no religion that did not come. In this business there is no religion, in this business there is the sick or the healthy. The sick needs health and the healthy ones need nothing. This work should be done by a man of a pure soul. When someone falls down on the street, we do not say look a Serb or a Muslim fell, but we say look a man fell.