Edmond Prifti – Tirana

HOB Serbian office Albania 01/03/2018

Religions, spiritual things, multimedia, short videos, photography, travelling… I have so many passions. Working with people is one of them, too. I am a journalist and I have been involved in multimedia for ten years. I believe that stories are everywhere.

Keeping that in mind, travelling helped me find and meet different, unusual people and getting to know their perspectives and points of view. Unfortunately, right now I have less time to travel because of my work. I have collaborated with Radio Television of Switzerland. I also have experience in working with different Balkan organisations and my first boss was from Serbia. I had a chance to go to Ukraine with other people from BalkanĀ  and it was a wonderful experience for me.

All of us from Balkan, we make a big family. I was lucky to meet an amazing Serbian girl who taught me a lot of words. She is studying at the University of Belgrade and I wanted to make an interview with her, but she was a little bit shy. My plan for the future is to keep working as the multimedia director. I would also like to collaborate with Humans of the Balkans!

To conclude, working with people fulfills me, because although we have our differences, we also have a lot of things connecting us.