Enver Alihodzic – Sarajevo

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/04/2018

I am a watchmaker; a tic-tac man– depends on how you get it. Anyway, I’ve been in this store for a long time. Long ago, in 1962, my father started this tradition, and as a little boy I was constantly with him in the store, watching him and learning the craft. And since that year, this watch shop is in the same place, right in Baščaršija. I succeded him around 1984, and today I am teaching my son this craft, so that one day he would run the family business and continue this tradition. Of course, there are problems regarding this activity and generally the all crafts. They are no longer in the process of extinction, but they already extincted long time ago! It provides a solid life though, but what has made this tradition survive is the love for this craft. What’s left is left, and what will happen in the future, we will see.

A large number of people from the Balkans come to Sarajevo, especially from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, so I had the opportunity to exchange a few words with them. Yugoslavia was a good country, strong and of a high-quality, and people were interacting well here. Today I have many friends from Serbia primarily, since I served the army in Valjevo. And when somebody reminds me of Niš, I always remember Jovan Bogdanović, the comrade from the army, with whom I spent a lot of time. Unfortunately, after the army, we split and we never heard from each other again. I remember him very often and I feel bad that we are no longer in touch. I hope that this text will change some things and that we will connect again.