Fuad Zecevic – Sarajevo

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/04/2018

I was born in Sarajevo; I have been selling and processing coffee since 2000.

Bosnian coffee is made by putting water which boils first. One, two teaspoons of coffee and sugar which is cooked or “baska” sugar, separated sugar. The coffee I sell is from Brazil, from the province of Minas. They say that Minas is best for Bosnian coffee. The difference between our domestic and Turkish coffee is that Turkish use cold water, but we make it with hot water. I guess it’s also like that with the Serbs. Now there are all kinds of coffee. Warm, cold instant coffee, cappuccino, espresso. Someone drinks coffee quickly, but that’s not how you drink coffee. You drink coffee to have a conversation.

In winter I sell coffee and talk about sports with our people. In summer, coffee selling continues, but this time the hanging out is with strangers. And then again November, October, and December we immerse to the Sarajevo winter. A lot of strangers come; these are actually the main customers. In the summer, people are constantly coming to us and we chat while having coffee. On weekends, there are a lot of people from Serbia; they come from Valjevo, and even from Subotica. There are many tourists for the film festival, too. There are many excursions from Serbia, Croatia, and the region in April… These are all people to me.