Gordana Jovanovic – Sabac

HOB Serbian office Serbia 16/04/2018

My father is from Mostar, but the circumstances never allowed me to visit Bosnia until the night of the 2018 New Year’s Eve. I came to Sarajevo and I can say that I was completely thrilled – not only because of the celebration that was phenomenal (along with Zdravko Čolić), but because of everything that makes Sarajevo specific and unique.

I have to start from people which are wonderful in every way – they are very pleasant and they respond with an indescribable spirit and positivity. What is particularly nice and breathtaking is multiculturalism that manifests in the streets of Sarajevo in so many ways. All this made me return to this city again and use my stay here as much as possible. I saw Sinagoga, the Sarajevo mosque, the Faculty of Arts and walked down the bridges over the Miljacka.

The most important thing – I got beautiful acquaintances with people from here and exchanged some experiences. And right on from these conversations I realized how special people are here. It seems to me that I will always return to Sarajevo.