Hasan Sisic – Sarajevo

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/04/2018

I am almost 80 years old. I need twenty and a half more to reach one hundred! I was a manager in the social service. I knew all the taxi drivers, that was how I met Idean. My father was born in the same house like me.

I have grandchildren which I revile. They go from school, both male and female, kissing each other. They kiss again in the morning. And I grew up with my comrades, without maybe even shaking hands. Holla, what’s up, don’t, nothing, those were slangs, and that was our conversation. But we would have died for each other!

When I got married in 1962, the director vested the apartments. And I asked: where am I in all that? He told me that I had a house, but it was not a family house for two or three families. There were those sorts of little rooms, here and there. I asked if I should be in the barracks, so that he gave me an apartment. I got married in 1962, and I got the apartment in 1963. That’s why in Tito’s era the slogan was: You have a house, give the apartment back!

I was born in the old part of the city, uptown. And the ones we were messing around, we said they were cleaning snow, and we gather the violets uptown. The mold side was theirs, i.e. lee, and the sun was uptown. So we say that they were cleaning the snow, and we gathered the violets. This was a brotherhood, we did not know either Pero, or Jozo, or Mujo. This was all the same to us.