Jelena Djukic Pejic – Nis

HOB Serbian office Serbia 16/04/2018

I quite accidentally entered journalism. An old acquaintance of mine told me that because of a great diction, every medium would have me. I did not take him seriously, but at that moment when I finished high school, a new television opened. I applied more out of curiosity and to my surprise I was hired without a day of experience in this job. As time went by, I switched from the television to the radio, and got to love my job even more. Since the media in Serbia are always in crisis, everything was not great, I tried many times to give up and turn to psychology, or something else. However, I missed that euphoria, that chaotic work, and that good personal feeling of doing something right. It is a business that brings great concerns, but also a great deal of satisfaction. I love it!

I spent a part of my childhood in Mostar, in Herzegovina, and to me those regions are in my heart just as Niš is . And I spent a very small part of my childhood in Podgorica, and I know those regions very well, too. I know a lot of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and I know a few of them from Albania. These are all my friends, and then colleagues and it is a wonderful feeling when you can ask them for the comment you need for some analytical text. An even better feeling is when you sit next to them and have coffee with them. Actually, it’s so natural. There are always stories about some common things about good taverns, good terrains… I also had different cooperation with many people, such as a web video that I did with my Albanian colleague.