Jovan Milic – Nis

HOB Serbian office Serbia 15/02/2018

I finished the first technical school “Milutin Milanović” and it was kind of logical to continue that way. It was uncertain where I would go because I received a scholarship from a faculty in Canada, which I refused, and then I received a scholarship from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and became their student. Three years passed, I still have not repented. I’m really against the young people leaving the country. Motivation for my staying in Serbia are my ancestors who protected our country and gave their lives for it , so I think it would be extremely selfish to go and forget about it. I participated in many competitions such as informatics, robotics, history, entrepreneurship and I always won the first places. Last year I won 1000 Euros in the circular economy competition and decided to share this prize to the poor pupils from Niš and Kosovo. I bought them school supplies, sweets, wardrobe and everything they needed to go to school. I used to be in a similar situation in the past . I know how hard it is for parents to equip school children because my parents had three school children in the family. I began my humanitarian work in the first year of high school. I always had family support. My mother keeps on saying: “Although we’ve gotten out of this situation, never forget how it feels to be hungry.” I founded the humanitarian portal “Find Raul”, inspired by World War II humanist Raoul Valenberg. The site is primarily established to introduce families living in difficult circumstances. I motivated my peers to do the same thing as me. About 45 students from the Niš universities are involved, so this, at the first glance, a small story, is slowly spreading. A young man from Croatia contacted me after reading the interview I gave for the daily newspaper asking if he could join. In Bosnia, we co-operate with the show “Life tells Stories”. Now we have associates in Sarajevo and Zagreb, where we really have great support. The idea is that in the future, we have associates in every Balkan country. For 7 years since the establishment of the portal, we have donated over 4 tons of food, plenty of clothes, hygiene supplies to people in Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and Croatia. The goal of our organization is to help all young people in the Balkans, not only in our country. I like to say that famine does not know the boundaries, nor religion. There were plenty of wars and misfortunes that our ancestors lived through, so I think we need to help each other and that all Balkan countries should be like a fist. If a state points out a finger, that fist cannot survive, and the finger will be hurt.