Jovan Ulicevic – Podgorica

HOB Serbian office Montenegro 15/02/2018

Although, I’m a biologist by profession, I even specialized in fish, due to a chain of circumstances I changed my profession and I am actively involved, among other things, in the Transnet Balkan. I wanted to engage in research work, but that was not possible here. You know how things are here in the Balkans, you have a state job and that’s it. That was not inspirational to me, and it was important for me to have some purpose. My memory is like the one of a goldfish, but it was in 2014 when we went to a conference, after a regional event, the Transposition, in Sarajevo. It’s the only place where we got together, 50-60 people from the whole region and it enabled us to exchange stories and develop activist stories. The idea was to create an online place, a platform, where we can get information and support, not to wait for a gathering every time. We started first on Facebook, as a group, then we switched to e-mail, and we started to correspond and so the site was created. We all know each other through the region, we all more or less have the same mentality and I find the borders pointless – people need to be more connected on that basic principle – first we are people. I have a special relationship with my ”trans” people because we all need that safe space, and thanks to those people and that space, I grew up most as a man. These are the situations where I encountered the most adverse topics and I talked about them. And there I also overcame them.