Marina Adamovic – Nis

HOB Serbian office Serbia 15/02/2018

I have been dealing with humanitarian work since childhood, and now that I understood how much our young people need help, I was shocked and I devoted more attention to that. The Foundation “Be Human” has accepted me to be someone who will collect donations for them and I have been doing it for a year and a half now. They keep asking me how many people I have collected money for, and I can no longer remember the number. It’s possible that there are over 100 people. It’s constantly changing. Today I post two or three posters, then somebody calls me and asks for a person. For some I collect two or three days, for some a month or more. I do my best to help everyone, but there are too many people. Since I am in the wheelchair, people helped me too. In the beginning, I had a mechanical stroller, but as the disease progressed, I could not absolutely move anywhere, and when I stayed for the year in bed. People understood my situation, they started the action and donated me a mechanical stroller, and then after that, I began to be actively engaged in this business. After a while, I also got a shop in the city center, where I reside and collect donations. Each time when a child whom I helped visits me, I feel wonderful. When I was visited by a child with his mom once, it was an incredible feeling, a pleasure. It’s the most beautiful thing. I’m writing stories and songs. It’s my way of throwing away pain and torment. People were telling me to publish them, but I have started it just now. I’ve published a dozen of books and I’ve been selling them for humanitarian aid. People send money from abroad and also when they come here with us. The fact that I am engaged in humanitarian work is not at all odd, anyone who would start a little would do such a thing. It’s a simple thing.