Marta Djordjevic – Nis

HOB Serbian office Serbia 15/02/2018

Ever since I know about myself, I have had a kind of love for acting and writing. For example, I remember that when was 5 years old, I constantly mimicked the advertisements, and when I saw one for the school of acting, I forced my grandmother to enroll me day and night. Now I know that for me, acting is something that fills me, and when I act, I can leave everything aside and discharge. Initially, it was a type of exhaust valve, now a passion and enjoyment. So far I have participated in a dozen of performances, and I would set aside as favorites Collective Center and Gypsies Fly to the Sky, and now with my group from the Academic Theatre I’m preparing, for me a genius, UFO, and I am convinced that it will also be among my favorites. I had the opportunity to meet many renowned actors, as well as my personal favorite one – actor Nebojsa Glogovac. I will always be happy to remember my confused words: “Excuse me, can I hug you once?” And his “you can do that twice”! I was so happy. Also, I met my favorite Nis actor Milos Cvetkovic, and now I work with him and I prepare various performances. The Academic theater that I am the member of, organizes an urban fest every year, when theaters from all over the Balkans come and perform plays, so I have met a great number of colleagues from the neighboring countries, with whom I exchanged different experiences, and some of my dear friends are studying acting in Bosnia. My desire is to enroll at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, and I’m also thinking about directing.