Milosav Pavlovic – Kotor

HOB Serbian office Montenegro 16/04/2018

I am 30 years old, I come from Kotor and I’m engaged in living history. I am a presenter at the Museum of live history in Kotor. My interests are related to experimental archeology, the life of people in the past, the revival of history and such things. It has always fascinated me and I see some perspective in it for myself. This is something that, in my case, has proved to be lucrative, and that is something that I like to do and enjoy it. It’s just a perfect job for me.

For four years I was a travel guide and I’ve been studying history my whole life. I have many friends who are archaeologists and in time as I was getting information from the people I was guiding, tourists foreigners, I saw their interests, and I began to think how to satisfy those interests and to compile them with mine.

In Delta City we have exhibited space where we promote a museum that is in Kotor. We want to provide people from Podgorica and whoever passes to get acquainted with the history of the Middle Ages, but in an interesting way. Without date, years, but how they defended, dressed, what was the medicine like, how they were punished, wore armor.

I was engaged in water polo for a long time and therefore I have been in Serbia many times. I know many people from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, especially water polo players with whom I have many nice memories.