Myles Wallingford – Sarajevo

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 15/02/2018

My uncle called me and said and told me that if I took my cousin to see Greece he would pay my ticket, and after that I went through Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia before landing in Bosnia. I was very annoying to my organization in Sarajevo, I sent them emails every day for weeks, and they ended hiring me. It was supposed to be a 15min meeting, but we talked for 2 hours and I started working the next day. I’ve done quite a bit research and knew I wanted to be in human rights. I was supposed to go home after two months, but I had a dream that I was leaving and it somehow creeped me out, so I called my mom and told her I will be coming much later. That morning I came into my office and told them I would need their help to get my visa. Living here I know that I am not entitled to have an opinion, I have one, but it’s not on me to tell people what they should do. I do take issue with what I see (people crossing cirilics, or raising three fingers just to push people), ignorant conversations in bars, but I try and spend time with people who are not like that, who ask questions and show things can be different. I actually go around telling people to just keep asking questions, if we ask questions maybe people will start questioning what they think is the status quo.