Sakim Bascausevic – Sarajevo

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/04/2018

My occupation is a brazier. The brazing craft is one of the oldest crafts, maybe the only one older than it, is blacksmith. Brazier was named after the production of some boilers.

I started as a child. It was in the family. We worked in the store and at home. Crafts are taught mostly by watching, if you are interested. By watching and asking questions. My grandfather taught me these crafts. I’m the fourth generation. So I’ve been doing this job all my life.

People made different utensils before. Now, we do not make utensils, but we make dzezva (coffee pots) and something like that. Mostly, souvenirs are made. There is no need for products that were once made. The grandsons for now have no desire to continue this job. Maybe later, I do not know. Otherwise, this craft is on the extinction. There is no interest in young people. For years, there have been no students to learn.

The whole Europe, the Balkans, Australia, and America come to me. They come from everywhere. We cooperated with Serbs in business. They made some parts, handles and similar.