Vildana Karamustafic – Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje

HOB Serbian office Bosnia and Herzegovina 15/02/2018

I have never thought seriously about going abroad. There are still some things that we can organize for us ourselves, we are a little more casual, more relaxed. The idea for establishing my own office has developed two years ago, when I worked for other people, and the attitude towards employees was one of the reasons for starting my own

In a short time, I changed three employers, it was not what I was educated for and what I imagined (working weekends, even Sundays, not paid overtime work). The man only comes to work one day and one day you say why I could not be like that, why my employer is better, smarter than I am, and such kind of process lasted less than 6
months for me. I’m going to try, I have nothing to lose, I can always come back to this. Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje is divided according to the national key – in Bosnian and Croatian, I am right on that border and my technician is a Croat, a Catholic, and she lives on the other side of the city and we are always kidding like: women power.

Before that I was all hesitant to call someone I do not know personally, to ask for advice for something, and then I started writing to everyone, on Facebook, Messenger. Dentistry is a bit of a seasonal job – August, September, January, February, and when the diaspora comes, these are crucial months, then you wait for some time when you have 4-5 patients per day, but there is work.