Zlatibor Stankovic – Surdulica

HOB Serbian office Serbia 15/02/2018

I grew up in an era before video games, when the comics were very popular. The comic books marked my childhood and the adolescent age. So I have had that kind of love for comics since my early childhood, and it’s interesting that I opened my first comic book shop while I was in the 8th grade. I gathered company from the neighborhood and we agreed to collect comics and to rent them – some of us had Mikijev zabavnik, some of us Stripoteka, Zlatna Serija, etc. We rented them during the summer. We really earned a good sum of pocket money during those two months of the year. Some 20 years had gone by since my first comic book shop and then in 2013 I opened a comic book shop in Niš that is still up-to-date – The South Dark wood, the first and only comic book shop outside of Belgrade. I consider this to be my greatest achievement, as well as the fact that I have introduced some new trends from the world of comics to the citizens of Niš. I also organized a couple of festivals, all with the aim of introducing comics to people. Rajko Milošević Gera, a man who worked with Tarantino, came to Niš, then Mirko Čolak, a man who drew Spiderman and a number of other heroes, Gigi Kavenago, the author of covers for the Dylan Dog stories. One of the most interesting encounters for me was the one with Dobrosav Bob Živković, a legend when it comes to illustration and comics, whose works are published all over the world. He was delighted with the response of the people at Striporama comics festival. My goal is to continue to work on empowering the comic scene in the coming period, and to find some time to focus on drawing by my own comic script.